Cute, but a bit too long and monotonous.

The idea of such a trip is pretty nice, but one has to take into account he’ll spend the whole day on this boat. There’s nothing to do except for sitting in the cafeteria, sipping some hot drink and talking, if there’s someone to talk to.
You can stay on the deck and stare at the endless white fields, but it’s very cold and windy out there. The only change of scenery is when the ship is being moored and you ged down to the ice and then into the water, but it lasts for not more than half an hour, including the changing. Add to this that if you do it on your own (this wasn’t my case), you’ll spend a fortune on this trip.
I was there with my teenager son, and he found it even more boring than I did, but others in my group liked it. My personal opinion is that if you are planning to spend a day on this,
adventure, you might consider to shorten your stay by a day instead.