Icebreaker cruise-Polar explorer-Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi , Finland

Icebreaker cruise-Polar explorer-Rovaniemi

Duration :   10 Hours
The Price :   285.00

Date Expired !

Please check the following timetable before you book!

Time Table 2022-2023



To Icebreaker terminal by own transportation : 

  • Morning cruise 10:00-13:00 Finnish time / 09:00-12:00 Swedish time
  • Afternoon cruise 14:00-17:00 Finnish time / 13:00-16:00 Swedish time
  • Early Season cruise 11:00-14:00 Finnish time/10:00-13:00 Swedish time

Icebreaker cruise by shuttle bus from Rovaniemi

  • Early Season cruise:  08:00 Rovaniemi – 18:00 Rovaniemi
  • Morning cruise:  07:00 Rovaniemi – 17:00 Rovaniemi
  • Afternoon cruise: 09:30 Rovaniemi-19:30 Rovaniemi


Icebreaker by own transportation:

Adult: 285€       Child (4-12 years): 242€

  •  Icebreaker cruise 3 h
  •  Guided tour by an audio guide
  •  Walking on ice
  •  Swimming in survival suites
  •  Film in icebreaker cinema
  •  Hot drink
  •  Cruise & Swim certificate
  •  Free Parking

Terminal address:

Axelsviksvägen 291 C, 95295 Båtskärsnäs, Sweden ( From Rovaniemi: 168 km  about 2 h 15 min drive)

Icebreaker cruise by shuttle bus from Rovaniemi

Adult: 415€       Child (4-12 years): 352€

  •  Shuttle bus service
  •  Lunch
  •  Everything in the basic cruise package

Shuttle bus timetable:

Morning Cruise

    • 06:25 from Santa Sport Hotel
      06:35 from Arctic Tree House Hotel
      06:45 from Santa Claus Holiday Village
      07:00 from Rovaniemi Tourist information (Koskikatu 12)
      07:10 from Rovaniemi train station

Afternoon Cruise

    • 08:55 from Santa Sport Hotel
      09:05 from Arctic Tree House Hotel
      09:15 from Santa Claus Holiday Village
      09:30 from Rovaniemi Tourist information (Koskikatu 12)
      09:40 from Rovaniemi train station

You can choose to drop off from Kemi, Tornio, or Rovaniemi


Polar Explorer tourist Icebreaker offers 3 hours cruise in the frozen water of the Bothnian sea in Lapland. During 3 hours you will witness the massive ice-breaking power of the vessel, and have a guided tour all the way down to the engine rooms and all way up to Captain’s bridge. Tour is available in 16 languages via an audio guide application and includes 11 min movie in the icebreaker cinema about icebreakers all over the world. You can relax in the cozy saloon, enjoy warm juice, or go for walk on the frozen sea ice during the stop. The icebreaker makes a pool free of ice and every visitor can take a swim in the dark icy water in a flotation survival suit. The captain will present Cruise & Swim Certificate to everyone as a memorable gift.

Cancellation policy

No cancellation fees are charged if you cancel your booking 31 or more days before cruise departure.
25€ booking fees per person are non-refundable.
If you cancel 30 days before cruise departure or later, 100% cancellation fees are charged.
In case of “no show”, being late for cruise departure or shuttle bus pick up resulting in missing the departure, 100% cancellation fees apply.
Cancellation fees are charged If canceled for any reason, including restrictions due to COVID-19 and medical reasons.
We recommend buying travel insurance covering costs caused by cancellations due to health conditions or any other circumstances preventing travelling.



What's Included

  • Family trip
  • Lunch


  • Ice breaker

Location Map